How to make money with NFTs

How is it possible for people to become rich by selling simple images that anyone can download for free from the internet in a couple of clicks?

Well, the success and profitability of NFTs is thanks to their very high exclusivity value, where digital pieces available to everyone are transformed into non-expendable pieces, unique and impossible to exchange or replicate.

Non-Fungible Tokens, NFTs, are digital assets that do not exist in a tangible way, but acquire irreplaceable properties. Something very similar to what happens with the works of art that are exhibited in museums today, but in this case, in the digital context.

NFTs, like cryptocurrencies, are stored in the blockchain, a shared and transparent ledger that allows keeping track of who owns the piece and also makes it possible to verify the authenticity of these files.

All artists can tokenize their works and launch them on the NTFs market at<br>auctions and sales, even keeping the copyright, but selling the ownership certificates on them. However, most of the million-dollar and viral NFT sales have been made by big media figures.

While some consider that NFTs can lead to big money losses, others consider it to be the new art revolution. Although there is nothing to prove that all these files will be worth what they cost today in a few years, the argument of those who buy NFTs is that most of the great artists of the future will possibly have built the foundation of their careers with initially published digital creations.

That said, if the digital certificate of these works is acquired in an original way, it does not matter if they do not have a physical version, the owner of the token would have in his possession an asset of great value and would have made a good investment, but so far the beginning is basically a bet.

There is currently no regulated market for investing in NFTs. It is normal that for many investors paying a lot for digital images may sound crazy.

But the truth is that many people are buying NFTs. The most difficult thing is to determine the value or growth potential of an NFT, as in the case of cryptocurrencies.

On the one hand, we have in mind this type of investment related to the blockchain and we could think of trading (investments with a very short term).

However, on the other side of the scale, when we talk about art NFTs, we think that they appreciate in value over time, it can be something like months or years.

Therefore, it is important to consider the following before you start investing in NFTs:

Read, research and understand this market in depth before ‘taking the leap’ into investment.

Choose the platform to buy: Opensea, Rarible, Sorare, Minthana…

Analyze in detail what you want to invest in and immerse yourself in the project: look at the people behind the project, developers, community, interest it generates…

You should also take into account the time that you are going to keep the&nbsp; NFT since part of the strategy of these crypto assets is the revaluation over time. It is important to know how long you are willing to wait.

Once you are clear about all this, enter any of the existing NFT platforms and make your investment with the steps indicated. To buy or sell NFT you will need a cryptocurrency wallet to send or receive the money.

Take a look at the price history, current offers for the work and review the information about the creator. Normally you can make a bid to enter the auction. If accepted, it will be loaded into your wallet. Or buy the work directly for the price that you will see reflected.

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