What is CARTC - CriptoArts Coin - BEP20

A cryptocurrency suitable for our project, developed in a simple and functional format through the BSC network.

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CARTC Contract Address (BEP20)


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CARTC Purpose

Serve as a custom medium of exchange for the CriptoArts project.


The value of our currency is maintained and incremented with part of the profits of the CriptoArts project, guaranteeing the advantages of its holders. We are artists, NOT traders.

Where to Buy & Sell (BUSD / CARTC)

Maximum supply

10,000,000 units

Initial price

US$ 1.00

How to earn CATRC

You can earn CARTC by claiming rewards when purchasing our gear, or by providing liquidity, for example, at PancakeSwap:

2 – Connect your Wallet (you will need BUSD & CARTC available funds);


Add Liquidity

Currency 1: BUSD

Currency 2: CARTC

Don´t seeing CARTC on the coins list ? Try to go at “Manage Tokens” and past CARTC contract address:


Note: Be aware of the risks involved in this operation